Elevating Midwest Pool & Spa Wholesale

A Legacy in Midwest Pool and Spa Product Wholesale

EMSCO Distributors is a family-owned wholesale distributor of pool and spa products based in the Midwest. The Company was founded in 1969 by Ed Stoyanoff and is run today by his son, Mark Stoyanoff, Rich Laneve, and Ed’s Grandson, Eric Stoyanoff. EMSCO has played a significant role in supplying pool and spa products to retailers, contractors, and professionals in the region.

EMSCO’s Midwest Footprint and Industry Impact

The company has its headquarters in Strongsville, Ohio, and it has expanded its operations over the years to include additional branches located in Ohio, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania. This regional presence has allowed EMSCO to serve a wider customer base and establish a network of clients in different areas.

EMSCO Joins Heritage Pool Supply Group

Heritage Pool Supply Group, Inc. announced in 2021 its acquisition of EMSCO Distributors and OP Aquatics, marking a significant development for both companies. Mark, Rich, and Eric continue to lead the company under the existing EMSCO brand, indicating a level of continuity in operations, relationships with customers and suppliers, and overall business strategy.

EMSCO’s Influence in Pool and Spa Product Distribution

With a team of more than 80 employees and a strong presence in the Midwest, EMSCO has established itself as a prominent player in the pool and spa products distribution industry. As part of Heritage Pool Supply Group, Inc., EMSCO is poised to continue supporting the pool and spa industries for years to come.